Thursday, March 22, 2012

3.22.12 Spring is here!

Spring means my birthday is coming!  Woot!
Hey, thanks for visiting!  The world's a crazy place right now but that won't stop me from drawing pictures all the time, so don't worry!  For all those who have been liking my Phantom art THANKS!!  but I have to put Phantom aside for a short while whilst I concentrate on another story I'm working "Hero's Journey".   But that doesn't mean I won't be sketching or working on Phantom and I will post whatever I draw--that is good enough to post, I mean.  Here's some sketches of the Phantom and Christine since that is what everyone wants to see and I like to give my audience what they want. ;-)

 "Hero's Journey" is an original story by me but I use the term "original" loosely since it is really an illustration of Joseph Campell's Hero's Quest story arc in action.  Want to know more about that?  
Click here:
I know it's wikipedia but I read through it for you and it's right on the mark.  Here are some character sketches so you can get a feel for the style I'm going for, you may recognize "Ondine" form an earlier post.  . It'll be fun to work in a more light-hearted style and to work on my own, original story, too.  

Soon you will see more bunnies, giraffes and snake-bunnies!

I hope you will stop by again, soon because I will be updating again, soon.  Til then, enjoy your wanderings on the webbernets and thanks for visiting!

Beckaroo Out