Wednesday, May 6, 2015

05.06.15 More Phantom Fun!

Hey there!
I've finally finished the layouts for the un-masking scene from Andrew Lloyd Webber's  "Phantom of the Opera."  I have only had time to bring one of these pages to completion and I love how it looks, I will show you that first--here it is:

"Stranger than you dreamt it..."  pg 4
I love the lighting!  With this work I want to create a sense of being in a theatrical setting, as opposed to an actual room or environment.  This book is about the experience of the play and I hope that will come across, are the layouts:

"Stranger than you dreamt it..." pages 1 and 2 

"Stranger than you dreamt it..."  pages 3 and 4

"Stranger than you dreamt it...."  pages 5 and 6

I love it so much!!!!!!  I love Phantom.  I love Opera, too.  I love playing with lyrics, music and poetry, so I've been really inspired by this project and now I have a thousand million more ideas!  HOWEVER, since I'm about to be completely bogged down with work (goodbye any thoughts of summer fun times!) I won't be able to take these pages much further past this point for a few months. :-(  I do love how it's coming along, though! And BTW the next scene I'm going to jump in to will be  "Notes/Twisted Every Way..."  Another scene with great emotionality and lots of musicality to play with--plus all the main characters! I'm SO looking forward to it!  (and so are you!!)

 Before I sign off, I would love to share these character designs for Meg Giry.  I am working on the look of all the characters but I decided to start with Meg because she is totally beloved.  She is a bit in the shadows at first but she is such a badass in the end.  This what I'm thinking she'll look like:

Meg Giry, character ideas, 2015

So far the reaction on the inter-webs has been great, so thank you so much for all the phantom love and encouragement!  It's great to know that there is a strong audience out there for this work and I can't wait to bring you more, more more!!!!
For now, I must get back to other projects!  I'lm working on more theatre posters (YAY!!!) as well as another coloring book and, of course, MY book, which is now called  "Joseph, the Dreamer."  which I like because that's what he is and that's what I am, too. :-))))  Back to work!

Love, Beckaroooo!!!