Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11.18.14 Little Red Riding Hood!

Hi there!
 Welcome back to my little studio...  I was recently asked to pitch a series of toddler books based on Grimm's Fairy Tales--and I jumped at the chance of course!  Not only do I love Grimm's Tales but, having worked with toddlers for several years, I also love little primer books---BUT!!! when the series gets picked up I will have to delete this post, so enjoy it while you can!

First, a fun little cover design....here is my final little sketch and also the final inked lines:

Of course, I did a lot more sketching than that....you should do as much sketching as you can before settling on a final image!  And here is the final cover image, btw:

"Little Red,"  cover design/concept art 2014
I love the bold color scheme and it's exactly what would appeal to the toddler-aged eye.  I have so much 0-5 development info, it's insane.  I sometimes surprise myself at how much I know about it and now here is my chance to incorporate that into my work--YAY!!! Also, FYI, the flowers are rhododendrons and in the language of flowers, they translate to:  BEWARE!  DANGER!  which I thought was apt.
...and here is a sample of a couple of pages from inside the book:

"Little Red, concept" 2014

  This is just a concept piece so a lot, some or none of it may change...but I am so loving this book already! Can't wait to move forward in the process,,,,:)))
  SO....even though I haven't made any dancing drawings in a while, this piece will be in a group show in December here in Minneapolis.  Here's a link to info on the web:
--come say hi to me and have a drink!  

"Chyna in Fifth Position," 2013
Why did I choose this one?  Because it's the one of the ones people responded to the most strongly.  Two people wanted to buy it, but as I have stated before I'm a selfish artist and I don't like selling my work. It's MINE! :-P  but thanks for liking it, too--you can always see it on my blog!

  And to close this post, here is a new picture of me because it's always nice to know what I look like:

I'm plotting world domination in this pic--that's why I look so happy. ;-)  
  Well...back to doing what I do best, drawing pictures and cuddling with cats...thanks for the visit and come back soon!  As always, there is much more to come!
(And bring me pumpkin pie when you come, it's that time of year.) (:

Love, Beckaroooo!!!