Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10.30.13 Ballerinas, Bhangra and a Tiger!

Hello, internet friend!
Well, this week I've been staying focused on gathering materials for show, so I've been spending a lot of time seeking out opportunities to draw dancing.  I've been really lucky!  I know two little girls who are very good dancers and I thought that very young children dancing would be the perfect addition to the collection.  Here are a series or sketches of my friend Maya, who loves to dance Bhangra!  (And she's WAY better at it than I am!) check out her moves:
"Baby Bhangra, study" 2013

super fun baby-dance sketches!

Well, my life is pretty adorable a lot of the time, I have to say.
  I also finally got an opportunity to draw some ballerinas!  (I love drawing pointe shoes) So I will have some ballet in  the show, too.  How could I make a series of dancing images without including ballet??  I love what I've been coming up with so far, check it out:

Pointe Shoes, study  2013
"Ballerina, study"  2013

  I have lots more drawings but I'm not going to show you everything all at once--you will just have to come and check it out when it's all finished!  I have a few more drawings to make and then I will begin creating motion sequences with them.  That is the most fun, like solving a jigsaw puzzle!  I can't wait!!!
  I sometimes wish I didn't have to sleep but unfortunately, I'm really tired right now...so I'm going to sign off and take a nice, long nap.  Then, back to drawing, which is fine by me!  So check back next week--I'll have some new stuff to share!
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Love, Beckarooo!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10.15.13 Posters, Dancings, and Half-Birthdays!

HI there!
Well, tomorrow is my half-birthday (and also my twin's!), which means, obviously, that in 6 months I'll have an actual birthday!  So today I will have to make rice krispy treats b/c that is the tradition in my family. I know, you're jealous.  I would be, too.
  I've just finished up a coloring book and set of posters for Columbia Children's Theater in Columbia, SC.  It was a lot of fun and a ton of work.  I'm really happy with how all the images turned out and especially the posters.  Theatre posters!  I can't get enough of them!!  I showed three of them in the last post so I wanted to share the last two, here you go:

Stinky Cheese Man!
 I really love the quirky colors I used in Stinky Cheese Man, they were referenced from the book.  It's not the usual color scheme I go for and I liked the weird feeling they give.  This one is more my usual color choices:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!
 I am so happy with this one!  It was quite a struggle, too--I went through at least two color schemes before I came to this one.  Being an avid adorer of Walt Disney, I felt very intimidated creating this image at all.  I have a really cool story about Walt's movie, BTW, an EXCELLENT one.  If you want to know it you should email me--it's one of my favorites to tell but it's too long to share in this post!
  Well, the Disney influence in my style is clear but that's cool because I own it.  My earliest drawing memories are of drawing Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty and later on I refined my drawing skills by drawing Disney movies frame by frame, once I learned how the pause button worked on the VCR.  That's right.  I was a teenager in the 90s.

Well, I admit that usually when I finish a project I go through a little post-project depression as I'm trying to figure out what I'm working on next...but not this time!  I got some really good news which is that I am going to have a solo exhibition of my dancing drawings next year at Altered Esthetics, a totally awesome gallery here in Minneapolis!  I'm so excited and I have lots of work to do so I am already hard at work on that.  When I got the news I was so happy and I thought of these two because I felt like twirling and spinning!!

Twirling, 2013

Dancing Arms, 2013

I'm so excited!!  I am also showing some work in two other, upcoming group shows in the cities and here's some of what I'll be showing in those:

L'Ennui, 2012
I love this image!  Of course it's Rapunzel and she's really bored, as you would be, too, if you were her!  But most everyone thinks it's about waiting for her prince(as if!),  but that's fine because it can mean whatever they want it to, that's art!  To me, it's just about waiting.... for anything! a person, an event, a change--whatever!...there are a lot of things to wait for in life because we are bound by the constraints of time. (That's what the calla lilies represent! SNAP!!!)  Blah blah blah, right? on to the next one!

The Chandelier, 2013
I love this one even more because it came out SO nicely! I can't wait to see the Paris Opera House in person, I hope it lives up to the one in my head...

  There is a reason why I chose these particular images to share.  I was noticing, as I was looking over all this work I've done in the past year, a distinctive pattern in my compositional choices.  These three exemplify that pattern the most.  It's good to go back through your work and find these patterns because you can use them more effectively if you know what's going on and that can lead to all kinds of better ideas down the line.  I can't wait to see what I come up with in the next 6 months!  (And neither can you!!)

  Now that I'm done with the all consuming coloring book I will be able to post more frequently, so be sure to check back next week!  I'm thinking I will make another Catwoman image...and, of course, more dancing drawings!! (:

Thanks for the visit, friend!
Enjoy the crisp, autumn air and have yourself a Rice Krispy Treat!
Love, Beckarooo