Monday, January 27, 2014

More Animation!

Hello, there!
 I've been having so much fun with animation, I feel like I'm in kindergarten. And that makes up for being stuck inside because it's so ridiculously cold outside.  I'm moving somewhere warm--it's official.  Probably California and then, eventually Hawaii, because I want to live atop a chain of massive underwater volcanoes and also be a Hawaiian surfer chick--two birds with one stone!  I love volcanoes because they are full of liquid hot magma and that's really warm. Also, Hawaiian lava is really smooth.  It's the pretty kind...Anyway, on to the fun art stuff that has been distracting me from the frigid, evil cold that haunts my waking life....Here are a couple of drawings I've posted before:

Spiral Arms, 2014

I loved both of these and they are actually part of one, continuous movement.  I needed to see it move, for real, so I whipped this up this week.  A bit rough, still, but I'm very happy with it!

I love it so much!  Animation is more fun than anything else!  It's like magic. :-)  I could geek out on here forever about how much I love it but I will spare you and move on....I realized that I posted the wrong video format last week and some people with macs couldn't see them.  Sorry!  so here they are, again, in case you missed it:


  I had a lot of fun with these sequences of movement and, of course, with the animation.  Ever since I was a little kid, when I see dance or opera or theatre I always think about drawing it and so it's been really fun and freeing to actually do this. And seriously, nothing is more exciting to me than seeing my drawings move in real life because I always see them move in my head...I'm excited to make more but I am focusing on these three for my show, so keep posted and you will get to see how I turn rough animation into fancy, smooth, clean animation.  They both have their charm. (:

Ugh, I just remembered it's -14 degrees outside.  This cold is so intense, I swear I can feel it creeping through my walls and into my bones.....  But now, sadly, I must don my polar gear and face the elements--it's alright though, I have a really cute outfit underneath the polar gear.  .....and I'm not afraid of you, Polar Vortex, 2.0! In fact, thank you, for making the summertime even more delicious.
  Thanks for the visit and if you are somewhere in the world that is warm, soak it up for all of use who can't right now!!! (I would totally do the same for you!)
Love, Bekaroooo!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

01.20.14 Drawings Dancing!

Hello!  Welcome back to my little studio....
 I have been busy building up work for a show in April, so I haven't been to good about posting....but I've been working on some fun (but very time-consuming) things!  so let's jump right in....

I know last time I posted I was set on not animating my motion sequences but (as usual) I changed my mind.  It's good to be change-able!  Ultimately, I really wanted to see how they moved.  I haven't done any animation since my MCAD days and that was like a million years ago!  So this is still rough but I'm really happy with how well it turned out for how rusty I am. :-D

So, once I've finished smoothing out that movement, I'm going to render it so that it looks like these:
"Neon Tutu Twirl" 2013

"Neon Tutu" 2013

Hmmmm.....that shouldn't take too long.....As you can see, the drawings for the pirouette that I animated came from the top image, so you can get an idea of how the figures move and also how the animation will look like, eventually.  It will be fun to play with lighting!  Now, on to the next one!  here is a familiar image, a movement sequence of a dancer, leaping:
"Leap" 2013
 And here is a rough animation, based on those drawings:

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and I was just learning about animation, it was WAY more difficult do this stuff.  Now it is SO easy!  I'm going to make lots of little animations now.  And I have lots of material to work with, too....speaking of, here's another movement sequence, which I'll also be animating for my show.

"Spiral Arms" 2014
I can't wait to see those arms spiralling all around! :-)))  This is going to be a lovely little show, I think.
 ...but for now, I'm feeling pretty sleepy, so I will sign off and take a nap. Thanks for the visit and check back again, soon!
Love, Beckaroooo!!!