Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4.3.2012 April is here!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to the studio!  I have been hard at work on my comic, "Hero's Journey".  Some of you out there may have read my first attempt at this story and for you, I hope you are happy with the updates.  I've decided to make some design tweaks on some of the characters--all for the better--and I've also made a few edits to the original script.  I am very pleased with the outcome.  Yay! So here is the new look for Sayid, the unfortunate giraffe:

He looks more like a giraffe now.  Here are some fun action sketches for Hero:

He's such a nice little bunny!
Here is a sketch for the Goddess Proserpina, she makes an appearance toward the end of the book.  I decided to use her as a young girl so she and Demeter are still a happy mother/daughter unit in my story.

So here is the first 9 pages of layouts for Hero's Journey--It's all you will get for now--can't reveal all my tricks at once!  Read, enjoy, give me feedback.

Oh, snap!  there was a Goddess in there the whole time!  That's the first 9 pages and if you want more, email me or message me on Facebook and let me know!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and check out my work. 

I'm enjoying the spring, here on the Northern Hemisphere, I'm going to go ride a bike now. 
Beckaroo Out.