Saturday, July 23, 2016

7.23.16 New Posters, New Book, New World!

Hi there,
Welcome back to me studio after a very long hiatus!
I moved to Los Angeles at the beginning of this year so I'm in a new world and figuring my way around.  LA is an interesting place.  I feel more aware of the earth and the fragility of our world living here because every now and then the ground rumbles or there is apocalyptic-looking smoke rising on the horizon from whatever wild fire is raging.

Not a tornado sky, a wildfire sky--they look pretty similar.

It's....interesting.  But what I love about being here is that there are so many talented visual artists, this is a huge creative community and they are doing work that inspires and challenges me, I love it!  Also, I'm engaged now and pretty happy about it so impending apocalypse aside, I like LA alright.

Me and my baby!

The big news is that my first book, "Joseph, the Dreamer"  is now available for pre-order on Amazon!  It will be in stores October 1st, 2016.  Hey!  Look!  I already got mine----------------------->

I'm so excited!  It's already been reviewed by Kirkus!  here's a link:

I'm so flattered they mentioned the Egyptian backgrounds--I wanted it to look as close to what we think it looked like as I could get.  I will be able to share my work from "Joseph, the Dreamer" as soon as the book is publicly released in October--and I have SO much to share!!

In fact, have so much to share that it will take a few posts to catch up on everything I've been doing since I got to Los Angeles but I'll start with my new set of posters for Columbia Children's Theatre.   It's going to be a fun season!  Check it out:

"Miss Nelson is Missing,"
Poster art for Columbia Children's Theatre, 2016
"Duck for President"
Poster art for Columbia Children's Theatre, 2016

 "Miss Nelson is Missing" was one of my favorite books as a kid and I also love the Cows That Type series that "Duck for President" comes from.
For this poster of Cinderella, I really wanted to capture her survival spirit.  A person living in horrible conditions, who is still kind, still helpful, still good and who never gives up hope that things can change and become better and that dreams can come true.  I love that aspect of her story and I believe in it, too:
Poster art for Columbia Children's Theatre 2016
"James and the Giant Peach"
Poster art for Columbia Children's Theatre 2016

One of my favorite books with so many fun visuals to play with! But the image of the birds is the sky and the epic journey to a new and better life are what inspired me with this image.  Haha I guess I can relate to that!

I've done a few posters now for the Commedia (now RagTag Theatre!)  and I think I really nailed the characters now--in fact I was told that they use my illustrations as a guide for the costumes now which is one of the best compliments I've ever gotten!  I think this poster really captures the tone and humor of this show and its troupe of characters:

"The Commedia Sleeping Beauty"
Poster art for Columbia Children's Theatre

You can get more information about Columbia Children's Theatre as well as tickets their shows here:

Check them out!  They do great things.

I've got so much more work to share but I will save it for the next post--so come back soon! 

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More to come....

Love,  Beckaroo!