Tuesday, May 20, 2014

05.20.14 Froggies and Princesses!

Hey there, friends!
  Welcome back to my studio.  Things are getting busy again around here.  I'm about to start working on another coloring book and poster set for Columbia Children's Theater and I'm excited because it's one of my very favorite projects.  But, after finishing up those colors for my Joseph pages, I didn't feel ready to go back to paper and pencil just yet, so I decided to go looking through my files of incomplete images and I stumbled across this image from Grimm's "The Frog Prince" or "The Princess and the Frog", Here:

Sketch, Pencils, Inks!
I never really cared much for that story until I read Joseph Campbell's interpretation of it.  Here is a link to the text online, so you can see where this imagery is coming from and what it means. It's worth the read!!!
Joseph's Campbell's "Frog Prince"

So....the next step is to color in the black lines--just like a coloring book!  Here's what that looks like:

And The Final Image:

"The Frog Prince" 2014

"The Frog Prince, detail"  2014

  I really love this image! It makes me want to walk right into it (and since it's MY world, I CAN.) :-D  The story is so sweet.  It's funny how before i didn't really think about this story much and now I think it's the best love story of all.  And so, I decided I should also make an image of the frog, who is the most quality prince of all the fairy tale princes, in my opinion because he never gives up on the princess, even in her dark times and he gives her what she needs, not just a bunch of presents and compliments. And, in return, she breaks his curse.  How sweet! He's such a quality guy--He deserves a portrait, don't you think? So....
 Here are the colors  (because they turned out so nicely):
And the final image:

"Froggy Prince"  2014

I love Grimm's fairy tales the most...probably because I grew up reading them the most.  This is why fairy tale images will always pop up in my work from time to time--especially when I'm just playing around and making work for myself.
  Well, that was fun....now I will sign off.  Now that I've gotten my desire to color things out of my system, it's time to get to work on some coloring book images!  YAY!  I love being an artist and I love theater and, even more, I love children's theatre!! Because I'm just a big little kid, really. :-)))
  Thanks for the visit, come back next week for more art from Me, Beckaroooo!!
Love, Beckaroooo!!!