Tuesday, April 15, 2014

04.16.14 Happy Birthday, Beckaroo!

Well, hello there!

Today is my birthday so I'm posting now before I go off and.....go to work :-P  But there will be fun afterward. :-D

I've actually had some time off for a change since I finished hanging my show.  I was working with one very long wall and I love how all the pieces ended up working together to draw the viewer across the room.   They all worked as part of one large piece, but they also stood alone as strong, single images, which was exactly what I wanted. AND the opening was really fun!  It was great seeing all my friends together and the best thing was seeing people I didn't know react to my work and that was so positive that I'm thinking of continuing the series in some way....but I'm not sure, I've got to think on that one....Anyway, here are some pics from the show!

Art by Beckarooo!! :)

This isn't even the whole wall!

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This is me trying to have a serious artist face but let's face it, I mostly draw floating bunnies in rainbow coats....
It's hard not smile!
It will be up until May 7th, if you are in Minneapolis check it out!!  Here is info about it on the web:


I'm going to go and take a whole bunch of pics to make a panorama view.  I need more documentation!!! I'm going post the whole series to tumblr only a few minutes after I post this--here's the link:

For my birthday I finally got a tablet and I love it!  I got a sketch program and a stylus because I can draw right into it, how fun! I've been practicing by drawing sock monkeys taking selfies.  Here are the first two:

The traditional, totally classic sock monkey, a la Beckaroo
I <3 Sock Monkey!
 I'm going to make little portraits of all the sock monkeys I've got right now....I think about 20 or so. They are so cute! I used to make them all the time but I've been too busy lately.  And speaking of that, it's my birthday so I'm going to take a break now.  Time for a birthday nap!
Thanks for the visit, internet friends!

Love, Beckaroo!