Wednesday, March 19, 2014

03.19.14 Baby Bhangra, Pandas and Tigers!

Hi there!
  I'm so excited because I have awesome news....but I'm not allowed to say anything for another couple of weeks....curse you, art world for moving so slowly!!!  But I will be posting about it once I can, I promise!!
 :-D the meantime....I've been still collecting images for my I have plenty of images to work with so I'm starting to focus more on how well they flow together.  I've been focusing on the images I got from drawing the Zenon Dance Company's rehearsals and classes....I haven't done that in a few months and going back through this work I want to do even more!!!  BUT, till then, here are some of the newest additions to my series....

"Zenon ONE" 2014
 There I go with my super creative titles, right? ...Someday I'll figure that's just that HATE pretension and so many titles of art are exactly that. I'd rather be simple than pretentious .... anyway, the title isn't the point, the drawing is.  
"Zenon Warrior" 2014

"Zenon Perfectly Balanced" 2014
  These two were fun.  Balancing on one foot like that isn't just tricky to do , it's also tricky to draw.  I'm so happy with how solidly grounded both these figures are. Also I tried a little design theory experimentation.  Vertical composition vs. horizontal and how does that effect the perception of stability in the image?  Basic 2-D Design Theory tells me that you, the viewer, should find both images to be stable but the majority of you will be drawn to the lower one because the vertical composition is a little more boldly balanced and so your eye will be drawn to it.  The top one should be giving you a nice comfortable and serene sense of solidity, so even though your eye isn't immediately drawn to it, it will linger on that image longer.....tell me, which one do you like better and why? (Design is fun!)

  Now that I'm done with that little tangent, here are some new additions, as well....These are drawings of the twins that I nanny for.  They love dancing Bhangra, we have to have a dance party at least once a day!  And they are such good dancers, too!  So I was having fun drawing them, lookie-lookie:

Maya Panda sketches,  2014

Naari Tiger sketches, 2014
  So, after having done a bunch  of sketching, I then go through and sort out which ones will work well in  sequence.  Some days that's easy and some days it just doesn't happen, so I drink some tea or cocoa instead.  I was intending to use these for my show, anyway, but when their mom saw them, it ended up turning into a commission and I've been working on triptych portrait in the style of this series I'm working on.  It's nice working for a family who really loves what I'm doing! Lucky!
Here are the 2 images for the twinsies:
"Maya and Panda," 2014

"Naari and Tiger," 2014
Then there will be this centerpiece:

"Tiger and Panda," (in progress) 2014
   I want to play around with the two patterns but I'm not sure yet how that will work.... here are the other two as a diptych.  (The would be on opposite sides of each other with the centerpiece added, FYI)  I love the heart shape they are making....I heart hearts!
"Tiger and Panda Dancing Bhangra," diptych 2014
  I wish someone had captured my baby moves like that. I love how 2 year-olds dance--they have their own unique way of moving and it's totally free and super adorable.  I love it!!!
  Well, I'm really happy with how productive I've been the past couple of weeks....but I still have much more to do and other projects to work on, as well, especially Joseph! :-))))
  Thanks for the visit, internet friends, but I have to get back to business...the business of drawing pictures.  It's very serious business!! :-P
Be well,
Love, Beckaroooooo!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

03.04.14 Animated Figure Drawing!

Hello There, internet friends!
  Well, I'm continuing to amass work for my show in April... I have almost all the animation nearly completed for this show and that's good!  But, of course, going along in the process, I had a new idea for how I want to present them but for now I have to keep along with what I've think of these as a mock-up for what I ultimately want to do.  here's the most completed one "Perpetual Pirouette, 2014" :

The figures in the background are all the drawings that make up this movement.  You can see here, without the animation on top:
Pirouette Figures, 2014
There is one more thing I want to do to it to finish.  These next two are a little more rough but also very lovely....
That is titled (for now) "Spiral Arms, 2014"

And here is one that has been making me want to pull all the hair out of my head!!!  But it is almost done, just a little more smoothing out....and it's really what this project is all about...let me show you what I mean.  First I sketched and laid out this image:

"Twirling, 2013"
 Then, from those figures and the title, I choreographed and drew out this movement:

"Twirling Figures, 2014"
And from these figures I am in the process of completing this animation, which is called "Twirling, 2014":

So, as hair-pullingly frustrated as I am at this point, I'm also very happy with how it's going and I sense that when I look a back this, months after it's over, I'm going to be very pleased with it....but right now I need a break.....So I'm on to writing stuff now--mostly to give my wrist a break because it hurts!!  OUCH!
  I could maintain the illusion that art is some big mysterious thing that shoots out of my eyes like beautiful rainbows but I'm going to be real, it hurts sometimes! I've got scars and giant callouses to prove it.
 But, I love it and I won't stop doing it!!!!
So, now that I'm done complaining, here is a new movement sequence because I just work through the pain:

"Zenon ONE, 2014"
This is one of the movements I got from drawing the Zenon Dance Company's classes.  They were amazing and super fun to draw.  I have a ton more from these sessions to put together and when I'm totally done with this series, which should be in the next couple of months, I'm going to set up a tumblr page of all the work, so you can see it all together even if you can't make it to the opening and have a drink with me!  It's going to be fun and a beautiful collection.  I'm so excited to see it finished and all on in one space. :-))))

thanks for stopping by and checking out my work!  but, as usual, I'm running late, so I have to go!!!
Be well and stay warm, friends!
Love, Beckarooooo!!!