Monday, September 23, 2013

9.23.13 Dancing, Drawing into the Fall...

Hi friends!
I'm finally back to post some new work!  I'm sorry I took a whole month away from this blog--that does tend to happen in the summer.  I had a really good summer, though!  Not only have I been drawing a coloring book (how fun is that?) AND making theatre posters (art fantasy-come-true!) I also got to draw the Zenon Dance Company's dance classes!  I get to keep doing this all through the Fall and I'm so excited about it!  Before I share some of that work-in-progress, I want to show some of the book and poster set I've been working on....
The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! 2013
I chose to post these because they were the most difficult for me.  Neither of them were particularly inspiring for me and I was worried I wouldn't come up with anything because of that.  But!  I'm actually very happy with how they both turned out!  It's always good to be challenged that way and I love the colors I chose....that's probably why I chose them. :-P
  Now I will move on to one story I was really happy to work on because it has always been one of my favorites:  Puss in Boots!  I decided to show more of the coloring process with this one--here you go:
Puss in Boots, coloring page 2013
You should print this coloring page, color it, scan it, and email it to me!!

Puss in Boots, black line 2013
Puss in Boots, 2013

Theatre posters--especially for children's theatre was a big goal of mine when I was a young artist and obsessed with Disney and Mucha.  This is the second set of posters I've done now and more to come! Awesome-sauce.
  If you want to know more about these plays and ticket information, you should go to this website:

No, onto the dancing!  The main reason I have not been able to post much this summer is that I'm working on about three projects at once and I also work full-time, guys!  So give me a break, I'm really busy sometimes!!!  The project that has been consuming me the most is the dancing drawings!  I'm having such an amazing time with it.  I can't get enough of it!  I have been working to gather as many sketches as I can to work with to make more of the movement sequences I've been doing.  Here are some spreads from my sketchbook:

I have a ton more than just this but for the sake of time and space, these are all you get for now!  As you can see, I already have a lot to work with and I'm super excited for what is to come ahead!  I will be drawing these classes all through the fall session.  What a treat!   I wish I could fast forward to see what I'm going to do!!  :-D  !!!

I will be posting more next week so be sure to come back and see what I'm doing!
Thanks for the visit but I gotta go--it's Monday and I'm running late!
Love, Beckarooooooo!!