Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12.18.13 Xmas-time dancing!

Well, I've been HORRIBLE about keeping up with this blog!  So Sorry!!!
  That's because I've been working on a show and that's SO much work.  I'm also working on a book which is also a ton of work and I also's just quite a lot, okay?  But, no excuses, I'll try to be better!  Today I'm going to share some of the work I've been making for my show in April, which focuses on these dancers and motion sequence drawings I've been making.  Let's jump right in, shall we?

With this one, I wanted to play with the figure in space.  I like how quickly my eye lands on the final figure and is happy to stay there. Composition!

 With this one, I was also playing with composition.  If you grew up reading left-to-right, then that is how your eye will naturally want to read an image.  So with this I wanted it to read the opposite way, right-to-left, and still feel right and natural to your eye.  I think I was successful (and that's not as easy to do as you would think!!) which is why I'm posting it and putting it in my show...of course, if you grew up reading right-to-left, then this is all mute for you!

These next two images are solo figures from within that sequence.  A friend of mine photographed this girl and she had such a big, beautiful smile which is so refreshing because usually ballerinas have a serious face on all the time.  It's nice to see someone enjoying the fact that they can leap like a gazelle--it looks fun to me!

So, I have also been working with a friend on a collaborative project and his photos are all really well lit so that got me interested in playing with lighting.  To me, from a very young age, ballet was always typified by  tutus and toe shoes so I decided to give them a light glow and keep the dancer's skin and hair normal.  It has an eerie/magical feel to it and I'm really pleased with how it looks. I have two more motion sequences and few solo figures I'm working on that will look like this one:

  So many people have suggested that I animate these sequences and at first I was really into that idea but then I decided not to do that just yet.  The whole point of this project, other than being pretty, is to celebrate the artistry of animation.  The fact that EVERYONE says they want to see it animated, tells me that I've been 100% successful in that mission.  I probably will eventually animate this stuff but not for a while.  Till then, I guess you'll just have to think like an animator and use your imagination to make the movement happen! (you're welcome!)

So, yes, lots going on in the studio this week and in the coming weeks!  Also, it's present-giving time and I have at least 3 arty-things I'm working on for did I get so busy? SIGH....well, I will have more to show in the coming weeks so be sure to check back, soon!
Enjoy the snowy winter fun times!
Love, Beckarooo!