Thursday, March 12, 2015

3.12.15 Sock Monkeys!

Hey there,
This post is all about my sock monkeys!!!  I love making sock monkeys and because recently a friend gave me a sewing machine (thanks!!!) I have been making more and more.  I don't know why, but making a monkey is a very relaxing activity for me.  People seem to like them, which is always nice.  I like to give them as gifts--and only my most favorite people have one--but mostly I like seeing them.  They are so cute, I love taking pics of them...They are best in large group shots like this:

Monkeys, monkeys everywhere....

Many Monkeys...

Of course, I have also made a few traditional monkeys....but they aren't as much fun--except for the second guy from the left--he's got a bit of a drinking problem...:-/

Stranger in a Traditional Land...
The traditional monkey holds a special place in my heart--they often figure into my stories..

....but I love my monkeys more, of course...I love all the different patterns and colors--and no two monkeys are alike!  (which is why I hate selling them!!!) Lately, I've been trying to be good about documenting them, but it's not a big deal so I tend to forget and plus I have other, more pressing deadlines, usually...but here is a small sampling...

I have thought a lot about making little  monkey selfie portraits, like these:

My monkeys give me a lot to think about!  I have a lot of different ideas for them, so in time you will see my sock monkey--tons of them, everywhere!!!!! So, I thought they deserved to have a little blog post, since they inspire me so much--it's the simple things in life, you know? ;-)
And now, back to Joseph and lands of Canaan...
Thanks for the visit!
Love, Beckaroooo!!!

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