Thursday, April 16, 2015

04.16.15 A Quick Birthday Post!

Just a short and very special post to say:
Happy Birthday to my twin sister, Elly!
I made this for (y)our birthday:

Elly's Birthday Turtle!  2015
Elly loves turtles and she has a little turtle named Yertle with a super fancy tank--he lives SWANK.  She also has one tatooed on the top of her foot (OUCH!!!)  I couldn't even watch it happen, I had to leave the room!

Being twins is awesome, Elly is more than my best friend, she's also my worst enemy, biggest fan and the one who knows me the most of all.  I love her SOOOOO much!!!  that's why she gets a whole post from me to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, twinsie!!!!  I hope you love this silly little guy!  Mostly I hope you have a wonderful, fabulous day!
You are my favorite and also you are a super hero.
I Love you!!!

Love, Beckarooo!!!!

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